5 Reasons I Picked Zola For My Wedding Website

5 Reasons I Picked Zola For  My Wedding Website

Let’s kick off the Wedding Rewind series with one of the first decisions I made – my wedding website! I looked at just about every website you could think of and finally landed on Zola. I couldn’t have been happier with the choice and am still enjoying it now as I have been completing thank you cards and wrapping up our registry.

Although I loved my experience with Zola, I will also point out a few things I learned along the way and features they’re still working on. Zola has vendor help, stationary, a store, a place to go to for help and the actual wedding website all as options. The good was far greater than the bad, so let’s jump into it!

The Webpage: I loved the web page structure and functionality. You could link straight to your airports, hotels and even book your block through them. They had a great banner you could utilize for your COVID update to guests and the natural graphics that came with many of the designs were great. Such as the interactive map when you linked places your guests could go visit and explore while in town. The pages were easy to navigate and personalize, which was a big bonus!

The one call out I have on the webpage is that Zola does not currently offer domain masking. So I purchased a domain to match our hashtag and it routed to our wedding website, but the domain then switched to the Zola URL. A small detail, but important to point out.

Online RSVP Feature: Almost all wedding websites have this feature, but I loved the setup on Zola. I simply downloaded their template and copy and pasted our guest list over to it. Anyone on the list that had missing information, we simply sent a note through email that Zola helps automate for you. It was user friendly and so quick. The RSVP process was also painless. We had online RSVPs only and we were able to capture all the details needed from guests.

Dan helped me a lot to track these RSVPs down and I think it’s an added bonus when your groom can navigate the website well!

The Theme Options: I think there’s a theme for everyone! Classy, beachy, modern, art deco and more. The themes were simple in a way that your page could shine and showcase your big day which I appreciated. There were no extra edits needed and you have complete flexibility of which pages to use and show on your website. This came in handy when we closed RSVPs and when we had to update our event tab due to COVID impacting some of our plans. The bonus to the themes is that they have matching wedding stationary as well!

Photo by Erin Costa

The Registry & Zola Store: Holy sales and all things wedding . Zola always has such amazing sales going on for the store and stationary! I purchased some items from the store for my bachelorette (that got postponed) and it was so convenient. The registry was easily one of my favorite features! It was easy to link our registries at other stores, but before doing so, we found that so many items we had on those registries were in the Zola store and sometimes for better deals! It was a no brainer to set up our registry to be predominately Zola. Our guests mentioned the ease for check out and that it was easy to navigate. We also found that the cash and exchange features were seamless and customer service rocked!

The one lesson I learned it to build your registry for Zola in the google browser and get the extension! For anything that you want to put on your registry outside of Zola, just open the site, click the item and hit your Zola plug in! It grab the information and picture off the page for you to add right into your registry. I originally save all my photos of items outside of Zola to manually upload until I found that magic button…oh the time I would have saved!

The People & Community: It was such a bonus to learn about the Zola Facebook group! The women in the group are so helpful and we all just want to support and uplift each other – especially with all the changes COVID brought on. At one point this summer many brides took to a post and gifted each other items off their registries. It was an amazing experience and many gifts came with thoughtful notes. You can read more here, where some of us brides share our experience! It is always so helpful to have a community of women who are there to help you, but the group also has Zola employees to help provide guidance and help any chance they can!

You have so many brides sharing their big day and it’s like an added bonus on top of all the Pinterest boards you’ve been making. I personally know I loved the ides of champagne before the ceremony, but a wall wouldn’t fit my venue. I saw a bride with beautiful shelves and knew that was perfect for my space. You have no idea how the little things like that can be so helpful!

If you’re looking for a site, I highly recommend Zola. Happy planning and let me know which wedding website you used!

xx Alicia