Working Out Is Not For Me

Well guys and gals, physical activity is not for me, except I need it to be for my health. Does this sound like you? Well you are not alone I promise. Now don’t get me wrong I have come to love my body throughout the years and there have been serious struggles in that department, but I think everyone experiences what I have. All it takes is one thing to light that fire under your butt to make fitness a part of your routine.

It was not my upcoming wedding nor my new lifestyle my job has afforded me, it was actually my mental health. I try to take some time to reflect each week and something I have noticed lately is that some of my happy and healthiest memories were when my mental health was on point. When I say that, I mean I was present in the moment, had energy, and was active and engaged. I’ve been working recently to try and make working out for me and I wanted to share with you the changes I’ve been making little by little. 

I hope these changes can help those of you that are stuck and have a hard time working out. Just remember to take it day by day and make changes at your own pace. We are all different, but I believe in you just as much as I believe in myself. 

Know your “Why”?

First and foremost, know what motivates you and why you want to make a health change. With this said, keep things positive. NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, put yourself down and have that be your “why”. I know how easy it can be to fall into that pattern as we are our own worst critic, but it’s simply not healthy. To be transparent with you all, I have been there and it sucked. I had to completely change my mindset and instead I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do and would be easier when my body and mind were healthier. 

Start with your food intake.

Something I learned is that fitness doesn’t matter if you’re not fueling your body well enough. That’s why I wrote my meal prep post, it’s how this all started and I have really felt the difference. My biggest thing was portion control and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh and drink water, I use the MyFitnessPal app to help me track how much I drink and I was not drinking as much as I thought. So be mindful of your hydration.  All in all, try and pinpoint one or two habits that you can start with so that it’s not too overwhelming!

Start small and do it at your own pace. 

I used to give myself a hard time about not completing certain workouts until I realized that even a 30 minute walk is a great start to get my body moving. If you go to a gym, try some classes if they offer them to see what works for you. I’ve always loved Body Pump and I’m always looking for a gym that has it consistently that works for my schedule. In the mean time, I am all for free at home workouts! I enjoy the flexibility that working out at home provides me and I like that I can pace myself when doing the programs so that I am still comfortable. Let me know if you want some recommendations!

Make a schedule. 

This may seem silly, but I’m throwing it back to my sorority days. When I told myself I was going to start this commitment, I sat down and scheduled my days by 30 minute increments. From when I would wake up to when I would get home from work, I made sure everything was scheduled in order to help me build a routine. I truly believe that building a firm schedule will help you get into a routine that will end up coming natural after a few weeks. This has helped me tremendously and was perfect timing as I’ve been waiting to do to this anyways to ensure I made time for All Things Alicia, so now I feel the most organized I’ve been in months!

This advice for starting out if you’ve been struggling as I have been is my own opinion and has worked for me, hopefully these changes can help you too. I think self-care is so important, physically and mentally. Fitness and nutrition have been able to check both of those boxes for my self-care and I’m still learning throughout the process. Don’t give up and if you need a break, take one. Don’t push yourself so much that this feels like a chore instead of just a part of your routine. I hope to keep you guys updated with my journey and hope you can share yours with me as well. Let me know what you are doing or have learned down below in the comments from your health journey and make sure to check out my Instagram to chime in on content. As always, thank you for stopping by and I’ll talk to ya next time!

xx Alicia