Get To Know Me

Photo by Hilary Koon & Photo from Worthy Figures

Hey everyone, Alicia here, and welcome to my blog, All Things Alicia! I’m a twenty-something from up north, now living the Carolina dream.

So, who is the person behind the words? You may have read the quick summary on the home page and thought…hmmm. Well, I’ll share a bit more about myself now! If I missed something you want to know, feel free to comment, DM, or email me! 

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Western NY; Rochester, NY to be specific. I graduated from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY and took a job in Saratoga Springs, NY, within a distribution center for retail. I’m now down south, here in Charlotte, NC using my degree within the banking industry! I moved down in 2016 to end the long distance my fiancé and I had between us. 

What do you love about Charlotte? 

 There is so much going on in this city! Good food, fun activities, and a great amount of young professionals that I can relate to. And you can’t beat the creatives and entrepreneurs here! I also love that it’s never too far away from another adventure within the Carolinas! My personal favorite being the coast, like Wilmington- Wrightsville, Oak Island, and New Bern.

Why did you start a blog?

 I started building this blog four years ago actually, but wasn’t confident enough to follow through with it. I call this my passion project so that I can have a creative outlet to share my experiences from my first home to my fitness journey. I also wanted to be able to express my love of traveling, writing, and life in general. I’m especially excited to start sharing my wedding planning experience. When I first built “All Things Alicia”, I didn’t think anyone would read it and that fear worried me. Luckily, with time and growth, regardless of the view count, this is truly something I want to do for myself.

I’m excited to see this blog grow as well as growing my presence on Instagram, bringing content that I enjoy writing about and believe is relatable. I’ll still be working a 9-5 while sharing with you guys my life with each post I share. 

How do you pick what to write about? 

I want to create content that is relatable. I love my day job, but I have been passionate about building a community around a creative outlet. Everything I will write about will be from experience and all things I have found myself reading about on other blogs as they interest me. You can expect content that is fun and on the flip side, content that is about the past struggles and experiences that I think a lot of us go through.  I always welcome suggestions as well, so as you get to know me, feel free to reach out. 

What do I enjoy doing? 

I enjoy spending time at home with Dan, my husband, and my pup. I also love traveling, reading, and photography. I have a great friend group in Charlotte and I’m very grateful I have them. We usually lounge by the pool, head to a brewery, or find an event going on in Charlotte to check out. All in all, I really enjoy being in social settings, but also really appreciate being home with our little family we’ve built. 

I hope you have liked this quickfire introduction and you’ll come back for more. If you don’t want to miss a post, take a minute and sign up for notifications through email. I’m so excited to be building All Things Alicia and I hope it’s everything you’re looking for in blogger and more! 

xx Alicia