Getting to Geraghty: You’re Engaged, Now What?

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. It’s an exciting time in my life and I wanted to share it with each of you. I am starting a wedding series to document my time planning and what better way to kick off that series than with some things I’ve learned so far…being 4 months in. 

When you get engaged, you are so overwhelmed with love and happiness. Dan and I were in Upstate NY and we spent a lot of time with my family before ever telling anyone or announcing it on social media. This would be my piece of advice, take some time together and soak in all of the emotions and memories before announcing the news to friends or on social media.

Now you’ve taken the time and everyone knows you guys are engaged, what now? Well, I say TREAT YO SELF! After the initial surprise went away I picked a few wedding magazines to indulge in, The Knot being a favorite of mine, and I also bought myself a small “bridal” gift. My friends and family gifted us things as well, but I really just wanted to treat myself to a few small things to celebrate my excitement. Side note, if you have never stopped by Simple Sentimental on Etsy- you are missing out! I got a gift from a friend of mine from her shop, which is where I purchased my first gift for myself!

Dan and I got engaged in May and we already knew wanted to give ourselves time so we decided on 2020 fairly quickly. With that said, we decided to go over a few things and pick up planning again in October. This is from personal preference, especially as we were getting into the summer and had a lot of travel plans on the calendar. Along with the year, we discussed our budget, an ideal season, a rough headcount, and an area. My advice would be to discuss those big pictures items first and then decide on when you want to start getting into the actual planning of the wedding. That will vary for everyone, but it was nice to know we were on the same page and prepared for when we started planning. When you talk about those things beforehand, it can really set the stage for what kind of wedding you may have which I think is really important and will take a lot of stress out of the process for you.

Once we got settled, we planned a casual engagement party for our friends back in NC. If you have the time, try and celebrate with your friends! It’s one of the best memories you’ll have and it’ll mean even more when you get to share it with friends you love in person! This will be your village throughout planning so a celebration, no matter the size, I would highly suggest.

My last tip for you would be to start a Pinterest board. I know, I know, a lot of girls already have them, but I didn’t and if I did I think my board would look a lot different. My taste has changed over the years and I suggest you start fresh with a new set of eyes on everything. Keep in mind not everything may be Pinterest perfect on the wedding day, but it’ll be great to draw inspiration from everything you find. Along with a board, I keep a notebook of ideas and lists as well.

Oh, I forgot, I also bum rushed to Facebook and joined all the Wedding related groups for fun. Yup, I’m one of those…

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Either way guys, I am just getting into the waters of actual planning, but with this series I’ll keep you updated with any books, resources, items I buy for this process. I’ll also be sharing a lot of this on my YouTube channel, especially when we go to knock off one of our to-do’s…our venue being one this coming October! Take this advice and these simple tips I have shared and use them to start your engagement on the right path. I am just so grateful I have had an enjoyable engagement thus far and I’m so excited to continue to share my experience with you!

If you’re engaged and planning as well- let me know! This is a series I am looking forward to and I hope you are to. If there are things within the process you will want me to ensure I document, let me know and I’ll do my best to slip it in a blog post or video. As always, thank you for stopping by!

xx Alicia 

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