Relief For Our Wedding Location

Hi guys & welcome back! Today’s post is about where Dan and I have decided to have the wedding. Not necessarily the venue just yet, but the location. Unfortunately this location was hit hard during the recent hurricanes and so I wanted to bring light to that.  I’ll start off with saying that both Dan and I truly find peace by the water. There’s something so relaxing and pure about it, my favorite part being the smell of the ocean. Since I moved down here, Dan and I have tried planning trips out to the coast as often as possible. The coast is part of his sales territory so he gets to spend a lot of time out there and when I can come along, I jump at the chance. We have fallen in love with New Bern, Wilmington/ Wrightsville, and Oak Island/ Southport areas, each a part of some of our favorite memories. 

Naturally, we have chosen the coast for our wedding location and more specifically, Wilmington. Dan and I have so many memories and favorite places in this town that it made complete sense. We’ve even talked about buying a home there one day. Wilmington is a special location for us because of how it makes us feel. Every time we are in town, we have our rituals. I grab coffee from Port City Java, we grab drinks at Front Street Brewery, and on occasion I let Dan drag me to the Eagles restaurant and bar; Copper Penny.

When we are in Wilmington, it feels like home.  You can only imagine how quickly our hearts dropped when we heard of the damage on the coast. The community is a strong one, but it will take time to rebuild. Dan had time and was able to go out to the coast the week after Florence and helped out in New Bern. The damage was heart breaking, but the way the community was rallying together was a whole other feeling itself he explained when he got back.  Since then we have gone back to Oak Island and Southport and have seen the damage there too. On the way we stopped and checked on someone Dan works with by Lake Waccamaw and the damage was all too real.

This post was a hard one to write because we did not and are not going through the damage and rebuilding that those on the coast of the Carolinas are, but it would be naive to simply not acknowledge it as it’s a place we hold dear to our hearts. This post was important because it hit close to home and we personally know people affected. This may not be the most uplifting post I ever write, but it’s an important one with a message of charity, unity, and perseverance. To show those that have not seen the damage, just how real it is and to spotlight the coast as a place we love! With all the time we spend on the coast, I’ll share some local favorites of ours in another travel post down the road. 

If you have ever wanted to help, here are three organizations that Dan and I have known about and supported: Samaritan’s Purse, American Red Cross, and the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund. Please know that there are so many other organizations helping! For any disaster, especially in your community, I urge you to use your voice to help those in trouble. Even spending your money locally is a big help for the community’s economy.

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of devastation throughout the country and we can all do something to help, whether it be time, money, or supplies. I’ll leave off today’s post with a quote I found online that resonated with me.

As always, thanks for stopping by today and I’ll see you next time.  “With all the time we spend on the coast, I’ll share some local favorites of ours in another travel post down the road.” – Daryn Kagan

xx Alicia

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