Is Amazon Prime Wardrobe Worth It? ($50 & Under)

Have you tried the new feature from Amazon yet? Prime Wardrobe is a service kinda like Stich Fix, if you ever heard of them, but more customized. You get to choose up to 8 products- whether it be shirts, jeans, boots, or accessories, to try on at home for 5 days. Whatever you don’t like you would  send back and whatever you do like you keep and purchase. When you put in your order, you are not charged until you make that decision.

For my experience, I wanted to find some staple basics and sweaters for the Fall, so here’s the scoop based on my experience with Prime Wardrobe and if I’ll be using it again. All the pictures are linked.

My first choice was the this cozy draped turtleneck. After reading the reviews and size charts, I sized up and got a 1X so that it would have a loose feel to it. This sweater was cozy and warm, and I really loved the different shades of brown within it. I can see myself wearing this just like this or with leggings! I would suggest you size up because if I did get an XL like most of my sweaters, I think this would have been too tight. Also, if you have a large chest like I do, sizing up is a must with this piece. As for quality, it was not too thick, but thick enough that it would keep me warm coming into the Fall and Winter. I even think you could layer this for colder days.

The pink sweater below was one I was really excited for, but was a bit of a flop for me personally. I think if you do not have a large chest, this would be a solid sweater option! It was so soft and I loved the mix of light pinks and whites in the threading of the sweater. It hit me at my hips, which I find to be  short, since I like some coverage with my sweaters. I told myself I needed to stop wearing brown, navy, and black this Fall, so if you’re looking for a colored piece for your closet, this is a solid option. The cuffed sleeves as well as the horizontal paneling near the shoulders were my favorite details about this sweater.

On to basics! I wanted a few more long sleeve shirts for the Fall for my vests and to layer, so I picked out a 2-pack of cotton long sleeve shirts. These run small for sure, it even says it when ordering, but if you like a true loose fit like I do, I would size up twice especially considering the shrinkage when you wash these. I got a black and white pack and styled it with one of my J.Crew vests. Not bad shirts, but they are very thin and lightweight like the description, which now makes me think they’re not what I was looking for…oops.

Another basic I love having in my closet that I have a hard time finding, is a white button up shirt. Boy did I find a good one through this! Button ups can be hard with a large chest, but this one fit perfectly with no gaping and I honestly could have sized down to a 1X, but 2X gives me plenty of room as well. I would order this true to size. I’ll be using this for work wear and for causal days with jeans. I love a versatile basic like this that you can wear year round. A definite yes for me.

Unfortunately, the boots I ordered did not fit my calf well, but fit my foot. Even with them not completely fitting, they are a good affordable option if you are looking for some quick black boots that don’t break the bank. The sole is thick and there is a faux zipper on the outside and the real zipper midway in the inside of the boot. A solid boot for this season and maybe more depending on wear.

To Wrap Things Up:

So what did I keep and what do I think? I’m sure by the summaries above you can guess, but I will be keeping the brown sweater and the white button up this time around, so 2/5 which sounds really bad. Ultimately though, I enjoyed this service and think the next time I’ll try some more work wear or jeans. It was very easy to check out and return the items I needed to and I think 5 days is a great window to try everything on. For this first experience I wanted to try and keep it affordable to see if there were quality items available at the price point of $50 and below. Next time, I think I’ll just shop as I normally would, try everything on, and then decide if it’s worth spending my money on.

I hope this was helpful and if you were on the fence about this service, I say just do it! I think next time I order I want to share it, but on my Instagram Stories. I’d love to know what you think- if you like that idea, go to my last Instagram post and leave me comment! As always, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next time.

xx Alicia 

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