Five Things I Wish I Knew In College

Happy Wednesday beautiful people! We are so close to the weekend…bless. It’s been over three years since I’ve been out of college and I always catch myself wishing I knew something before I went in or during my time there. I figured, why not share my top five that I constantly think about. Things that I hope help some of you that may still be in college. Enjoy some throwback pictures and if these tips help even one of you, then I’ve done my job!

Start To Build Your Personal Curriculum 

By this I mean to take all of your experiences and opportunities and ensure they help weave you into who you want to be, not necessarily for your career. Unfortunately, there were too many times I did things that I thought would be best for my future, but not for me as a person. I made a lot of mistakes, wanted to eat my words, and often had to step back and fix a lot of problems I got myself into. By no means do I regret this as it has really helped shape me into the person I am now and has made me more self-aware, but it wasn’t ideal in the moment. Remember that with each decision you make, there is a lasting effect for yourself and those around you. Ensure everything you are doing benefits your personal growth as well as helping you build your future. Losing yourself is easy in college, but making yourself question if the the decision you are about to make helps build your personal curriculum can hopefully help combat that. Just remember in the long-run, the title you are working to get to, won’t define who you are as a person. Build the person you want to be and the title will come. 

Be Humble 

Listen, you feel unstoppable in college (at least I did), but there are times you need to humble yourself. Remember that you don’t know everything and that you’re there to learn. Open your mind and ears, truly listen and engage with those different around you. I wish I went out of my way to meet people that didn’t naturally fall into my group of friends and acquaintances. I now have loved meeting new people with such different backgrounds than me and have gone out of my way to engage in conversations that can really open my eyes to others’ perspectives and experiences. This can be so awkward to do at times, but it’s completely worth it. Push yourself to do this while you’re in one area for four years, make yourself uncomfortable once and a while! It’ll humble you for sure. This has so many benefits. You’ll find yourself being more accepting and less closed off. 

Don’t Hold Grudges, People Are Human

This one goes hand in hand with my first point. In college, you don’t have to remain friends with the first people you meet, but if you do that’s amazing! Also know that it’s okay to part ways with friends, but take it from me- don’t hold grudges. They’re a waste of time and everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay to be upset and want space, but grudges take too much out of you. I’m not sure about you, but I had my walls up whenever I had a bad break with friends and I always regretted it. I was too proud. I realize now that it could’ve been handled so much better. You can’t allow yourself to lead a conversation out of emotions, especially when the emotion is a negative one. I find that the conversation is not productive and almost a battle instead. If you’re in this predicament, think about it. How much time do you want to devote to this ugly feeling? Step back, process, and move on in the way that best fits you. 

Start Building Your Schedules And Habits Now 

This is a quick one. To help you post-grad, ensure you have built good habits and know how to schedule. Habits built in college will be hard to break later if they’re not good ones. Especially senior year, put some thought into your sleep schedule, your health habits, and how you manage your time. I didn’t have a few months after graduating to adjust for my job, I started working 28 days after graduating. I needed to ensure I was prepared for the lifestyle change I was about to go through. 

Don’t Underestimate The Need For Self-Care

In college it’s not unusual to go out and party, I get it, but please don’t forget about yourself. Take time to decompress. I learned this later in college after coming back from Spain and it’s probably what helped me survive my last year. Do a mask, buy some magazines, go get ice cream. Whatever it may be that you like to do to make yourself feel grounded and refreshed, do it. Take a day a week if you can and make this a priority. I could’ve used time to write in a journal and declutter my mind. 

I lost myself far too many times and could have really used more time like this. 

So, there’s my list. I have plenty of other would’ve, could’ve, should’ve moments, but I’ll share those in time. These five are the ones that I think of often, especially now as I mentor students and get to know them. Can you relate to these? If so, let me know! As always, thank you for stopping by and I’ll see you guys next time. 

xx Alicia 

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